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13+ Years of Experience of Big Data Analytics And Business Intelligence


Our experienced Big Data developers and scientists help companies explore data analytics to get valuable information and use it at full capacity. We have been building strong data analytics team for more than 13 years. Now we can say for sure that you can hire a talented Hadoop developer or a Big Data analyst at Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Big Data Consulting and Managed Services

Big Data analytics software gives businesses new capabilities that were previously only available to governments and the largest corporations, from predicting market outcomes to better understanding consumer purchasing patterns. As a big data analytics software company, we offer big data consulting services to help both ISVs and enterprises develop the products and services that transform this Big Data into useable knowledge that enables smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.

Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd Big Data and Data Platform Consulting Services provide strategy, engineering and analytics to help you maximize your data insights. Our end-to-end services, matched with industry-specific skills and processes, help you make your data simpler to access and understand, accelerate time to capability and can improve data-driven business outcomes.

Big Data Consulting And Managed Services
Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The definition of big data holds the key to understanding big data analysis. Like conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions, big data mining and analytics helps uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful business information. According to the Gartner IT Glossary, big data is high-volume, high-velocity, and high variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

Volume refers to the total amount of data. Many factors can contribute to high volume: sensor and machine-generated data, networks, social media, and much more. Enterprises are awash with terabytes and, increasingly, petabytes of big data. As infrastructure improves along with storage technology, it has become easier for enterprises to store more data than ever before.

Variety refers to the number of types of data. Big data extends beyond structured data such as numbers, dates, and strings to include unstructured data such as text, video, audio, click streams, 3D data, and log files. The more sources that data is collected from, the more variety will be found within data assets.

Velocity refers to the speed of data processing. The pace at which data streams in from sources such as mobile devices, clickstreams, high-frequency stock trading, and machine-to-machine processes is massive and continuously fast moving. The faster that pace becomes, the more data can be analyzed for discovering new insights.

Big Data Consulting Services

Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes must make data-driven decisions to stay competitive. Such large volumes of data, including those generated through user or client interactions, social media, devices, and connected hardware, can provide amazing insights and actionable intelligence when analyzed properly. These insights can help organizations improve profitability, business growth and service quality, as well as tweak product offerings and make smarter business decisions. Emtec enables data intelligence for clients through its Big Data Consulting Services including:

  • Data Analysis and Assessments
  • Data Integration
  • Data Mining
  • Data Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Big Data Platform Support
Big Data Consulting Services

Technology stack

Our Big Data analytics developer together with other experts create reliable code for various industries. We served customers around the world with add-ons, customizable solutions, fault tolerance and support functions.


We help you choose the right Big Data platforms by breaking down silos and creating holistic data strategies. Big Data when managed right can yield immense business benefits. In todays’ data-driven organizations have better chances to succeed than their counterparts that ignore to leverage Big Data.Our technology consultants, data engineers & data scientists will work with you to enhance your operational efficiency and gain competitive edge


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