Security And IP Protection

Increasing reliance on mobility and cloud has brought about several business benefits. At the same time, it has increased data security concerns for companies across the globe. Businesses today look at outsourcing their work to organizations that understand and have a strong in-built security and privacy policy. Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd is fully aware of these concerns and has always had an established and secure development environment. We've ensured overall security of client information by implementing robust measures such as data security, physical security, and Intellectual Property protection among others.

Non-Disclosure Agreement with Employees

To ensure security of our client's confidential business information, employees/contractors are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after their references and background experience have been thoroughly screened and verified. We conduct regular IPR (Intellectual Property Regulation) and information security training. Employees are closely monitored to ensure that they do not disclose, use, copy, and publish any proprietary information. Moreover, it is ensured that the team uses/shares client information and materials only for the intended purpose, i.e., project development.

Security Management

Our security management framework covers the following aspects:

  • Management Framework
  • Regular Audits
  • Practices & Enforcement
  • Awareness

Security Assets and Procedures

We identify development sites as critical or sensitive business information processing facilities which should be housed in secure areas, protected by a defined security perimeter with appropriate security barriers and entry controls. Access to development sites and buildings are restricted to authorized personnel only. Visitors to secure areas are supervised or cleared and their date and time of entry and departure are recorded. Within buildings also there are further secure areas where only a select people are allowed on access control.

Data Protection

Beyondsoft client data protection policies and procedures are:

  • Data protection policy
  • Data backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Data access control protection and procedures
  • Human resource data access protection

Data Protection Policy

We are using the RAID Data Protection Policy. We support high capacity and high speed mass storage with continuous data availability, ease of service, scalability and connectivity. The configuration is designed to handle very large databases, no active single point of component failure. It utilizes component and function redundancy to provide full fault-tolerance for all microprocessors, control storage, control and data busses, power supplies, and cooling fans. Thus, it can sustain multiple component failures and still continue to provide full access to stored data.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Data backup
  • Redundancy setup on each main server to ensure uninterrupted service
  • Real time on-site backup
  • Regular off-site backup
  • Incremental backup: 3 times per week
  • Full backup: once per month
  • Data disaster recovery plan
  • Regular backup of all the data and information
  • Backup servers in different locations