Backend Development Services

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Technologies we use are well-documented, scalable and secure. Whether it’s a web app, custom backend system or an API, we create architectures that best suit your digital products.

Web Backend Development Company

Web Backend Development Company

"Variety of web backend development services to support and partner your apps."

An amalgamation of programming languages, database management systems, and various development process and functions, backend development has a massive scope and it involves a profusion of activities that help in structuring custom solutions, which are crucial for building software and web applications. To ensure this, we deliver:

  • Proficient project and content management services.
  • Web & mobile app developers with experience in various backend technologies.
  • Custom REST API services & solutions.
  • Interactive & user-friendly applications & software products.
  • Test & behavior driven development.

Web, iOS and Android products and services need an easy to use, powerful backbone to function seamlessly.

CRMs/Admin Panels, CMSs and other custom back-end solutions power-up your product and help your company to strive. Capital Numbers provides comprehensive back-end web development expertise to lay a rock solid foundation for your online business.

Web iOS and Android products and services need an easy to use powerful backbone to function seamlessly
API-first Back-end Solutions

API-first Back-end Solutions

If you depend on our skilled development team, you also receive expert REST API services. API is a general interface for building software that allows multiple apps to interact with one another and use each other's data without the need for software to be written from scratch. API backend is definitely something from which you can benefit.


When you choose Capital Numbers' back-end developers, you will get the most outstanding results as our software engineers are constantly at the cutting edge of new technologies and up-to-date with the most recent trends in backend web development.

  • Node.js
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript




Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd web development prowess honed over the years of real-life solutions delivery. Our back end developers are set to create for client companies full-fledged standalone server-side apps, take on the development of a set of APIs, and assist with API integration undertakings to connect exisiting solutions to multiple external services that provide access to data and content from pre-built functionality.


To ensure that the process of querying multiple data sources doesn’t slow down mobile app operation, and allow for smooth and quick expansion of front-end options for enterprise mobility, Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd develops reusable RESTful API layers. They will serve as a single entry point and a proxy for communication of all clients with back-end services, fanning out requests for both HTML5/JS and native APIs and providing orchestration for interaction with the services.


To enable processing and analysis of multiple heterogeneous sensor signals from machines and connected devices, Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd back-end developers will create ETL solutions and smart data access tools that will capture and then feed this information into your application. We’ll provide you with all the necessary instruments to meet your workflow, operational, industrial and home automation needs.


The Sinhasoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd team will provide professional assistance with application redesign endeavors. Our software architects, programmers and data engineers will review the entire infrastructure powering a solution — code, structure and data schemas — and will help you work out the way to optimize back ends of existing applications or migrate already functioning systems to a new environment.

Fast and Comfortable Development

Ruby allows creating software in much more rapid way than its competitors due to its simplicity (yet expressiveness), syntax brevity and a huge amount of high-quality third-party libraries and frameworks. It makes the timeframe from the start of the project to the release much shorter than you would expect.

MVP Done Rapidly

Ruby on Rails web framework has “batteries included”. Its maturity and huge amount of community efforts behind it allow creating an application of almost any kind from scratch without much typing. “Convention over configuration” approach (sane defaults instead of having to configure everything) makes this possible. Also, Rails has built-in code generation capabilities which makes adding new objects and features to the project even faster.

Focus on Testing

The key feature about Ruby and Rails is the high quality of code. Which in turn means that it is stable, predictable and accomplishes its goal. Because Ruby is a dynamically-typed language, the quality it kept at the required level by exercising the automated testing. Ruby ecosystem provides several state of the art automated testing frameworks. They have been polished and battle-tested for years by the most prominent developers in the community.


Despite that Ruby is associated primarily with Rails, there are many other area it can prove itself the “right tool for the job”. Ruby can be used to implement web servers, background workers, microservices, RESTful APIs, parsers, system administration tools and many others. If performance is the case, Ruby has a simple way to create and reuse native extensions in C language.

Backend for Mobile Apps

Our developers have the expertise to take your UI designs and convert into full fledged mobile applications. We have expertise in everything from creating progressive web applications to creating services for your native app developers.